Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to Basics...sort of

I was in a funk on the weekend, don't ask me why, it's not worth going into details. But having woken up early on Sunday (and not getting back to sleep cuz there was a freight train next to me) I decided to do some baking.

I checked out my yeast, which to my surprise, was still good. I've been using a book that shows how to use the microwave to proof bread, and their pictures always showed beautiful breads whereas my breads were always kinda blah. But I think I finally figured it out.

Their recipes use a food processor to make the dough, and for the longest time I only had a mixer. Albeit, it had a dough hook, but it didn't seem to do for the bread dough, what the processor managed for some reason. So lo and behold, by using the food processor, I managed to make bread as beautiful as what they showed on the cover of the book. Now if they'd only show how to make brioche using the food processor.

One way or another, hubby got to wake up to fresh baked bread, and even though it wasn't kneaded all by hand and set to proof for half a day, it still made him happy.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

And now for something completely different

I think they got it wrong, it was my sister who caused this. ;-D

Turn on your speakers -Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash --Officials confirm that all online data has been lost after the Internet crashed and was forced to restart.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last day full of fun, eating but no tears

Well, yesterday was my last day at my old job. We went for drinks after work on Thursday, but since it was me and the guys for a good portion of it to start, I stuck with just drinking cranberry and orange juice. I know I was leaving but you still have to be sort of on best behaviour. It was good though, mostly it was just the people I wanted there so it was much more relaxed than the sushi lunch.

A co-worker was going to take me for lunch at Provence yesterday, but came down with something nasty. I'm assuming it was nasty because he's not one to not come into work. He swears it wasn't the two or three Guinesses the night before either. Oh well, I settled for a coffee and a lemon blueberry scone for coffee instead.

They also had cake for me at 2:30, and I thought it was going to be a quiet affair with just the staff, but it turned out my friend had gotten a chocolate cake, key lime pie, and lemon cheesecake for the occasion, and anyone who wanted to show up could show up essentially. It was touching to have people around, and they gave me some lovely gifts. I could tell it was my girlfriend who chose the gifts, because who else would've gotten a gift certificate for Miraj Hammam spa, her favourite spa; gift certificate to my favourite restaurant, and another gift certificate for The Bay? I guess being in the same place for 6 years must account for something. This was quite a show of support from the department considering it is summer and many people are away right now.

Another friend came by to give me Nigella Lawson's Forever Summer cookbook, and yet another friend gave me a couple of beautiful chocolates and a couple of mangoes (because she didn't have time to make me mango pudding).

It's nice to know you're appreciated, even if it only seems to show when you're leaving.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More eating today

The department had my good-bye lunch today; take out sushi brought in at my request. I was stupid enough to meet with a friend for coffee at 10:00am, having a coffee and scone at the time, and that screwed up my sushi fest. Oh well, I'm not that good at eating lots when I'm in a large crowd, so that was probably a good thing. One prof showed up late, so it was probably a good thing I didn't scarf down everything in sight.