Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Something deliciously fattening

Our friends had us over for a brunch on Sunday, and of course you have to bring something. I knew our friends would be making tons of meat (her hubby is a little carnivore) and I needed to clear out our fridge in anticipation of hubby and me taking trips. So after scouring the internet, I fell back on my favourite site, Epicurious.com for inspiration. Needless to say, they didn't disappoint. I followed the reviewer's suggestions in splitting the recipe in half, but made sure I followed the instructions of using a souffle dish to make the sundried tomato and pesto torta. Didnt' turn out quite as pretty as the picture shows, but hey, it tasted good and that's all that matters, right?

The rest of the food was fabulous too, but you can never go wrong, according to our Polish host, with sausages, pork, and potatoes. I have to agree with him on that one.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm not liking anything I'm cooking these days. We had friends over last weekend, and they oohed and aahed over the food, but after they left, I was bored of it. I'm still fine with the cheeses and the spinach dip, but the roast pork, I wish I had given more away.

I'm craving what I'm not getting. A friend of mine told me about a chinese banquet she attended: cold plate, abalone, lots and lots of seafood, fried rice with two types of sauces. Made my mouth water just to hear about it. I guess it's cuz I don't make much ethnic foods; hubby's a white guy through and through, so I'd rather make something he'll eat than have him pick his way through dinner because I've made something I like.

I'm looking forward to visiting my sister and getting some good food. I've started a course again, so hubby said he'll cook. It's a scarier proposition for me than him. Not that I don't think he can cook, but my kitchen is my refuge, just like the wood workshop is his. I don't go into his sanctuary, but he's quite happy going into mine, and he feels like I'm saying he's inadequate in his culinary skills. It's more the fact that I know what's where in that jumbled mess of mine, which drives him crazy, because he can't find things. Course, being a typical male, he won't look past what's right in front of him, which is half the battle.

Like I said, I'm looking forward to time spent with my sister, where I don't have to cook. Not that I mind cooking, it's more the battles in the kitchen with hubby that I find wearing.