Saturday, May 31, 2008

What a week!

Stayed in town with mom this week while dad went on a mini vacation (an Alaskan cruise, his 4th). The upside, besides the fact that mom & I got to aggravate each other a little every day (grin) was the good eating.

Not often I get to pretty much eat a half a BBQ duck on my own. Not all in one day, mind you, but still, that's a lot of duck. Plus, I got to enjoy foods from my culture, and some from my youth including the egg and tomato dish, salty fish with pork and dong gua soup. Yummy! It's no wonder I gain weight when I go stay with other people. Between the two weeks at my sister's and a week at mom's, I'm sure I've gained weight. So now it's back home again to try and lose it all. Guess I better get exercising since summer's coming.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Third time's a charm

Hopefully it is, at least in hard lesson's learned.

I'd had a rough week (don't ask and I won't bore you to tears) but by the end of Friday, I was ready to go home and have a drink. Well being asian, I don't tend to tolerate alcohol that well. I had a martini (gin and 2 olives) when I got home, and after I polished it off, I was feeling a little less pain, but decided to go have a second one. This was, afterall, dinner. So I gulped down a second martini and we sat down to watch a video. I decided to have some Pirate's Booty since hubby suggested I should probably eat something. About half an hour into the video, I slumped in the chair and passed out. I was awake enough to pull the now empty booty bag closer to me as I felt like I was going to need a barf bag. I guess hubby knew I wasn't feeling well from my moaning noises, so he grabbed me a bucket, and I unceremoniously proceeded to expel anything and everything I had in my system.

I could feel the earth spinning around me, and it wouldn't listen when I asked it to stop. Hubby carried me to the main floor (I wasn't going to make it to our bedroom without having to throw up again) and I managed to stumble into the bathroom to make sure I didn't have anything else on my stomach before falling into the guest bed. Hubby was kind enough to empty out the bucket (I think I heard him making some puking noises himself) before bringing it back to me in case I needed it. He also brought me a cool towel and a glass of water. I managed to sleep for a few hours before waking up to brush my teeth (there's nothing worse than puke breath) and headed back to bed.

This morning, hubby was very disappointed to find that I didn't suffer from any sort of a hangover, and wasn't going to pursue hair of the dog. This is only the third time in my life that I've gotten this drunk, and the first time that it was truly self-inflicted. I've sworn of gin for at least a week, and any form of alcohol until at least Monday. We'll see what a new week brings.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home again, home again

I'm happy to be home, if only for my own bed. No offense, but sleeping on an air mattress with spiders ready to crawl into bed with me, for some reason, doesn't appeal to my senses. Although I'm as always, grateful for my own bed, I do miss my sister and her family a ton. We had a great time (I think, the nephews may disagree) together, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

We baked lots, including black bottom coconut bars and my sister re-made chocolate coconut bars for me to try, as well as Mark Bittman's brownies. Yum! The workers working on their shed were also very happy to get to try out the treats as well.

I was treated to a wonderful dinner at Tallent's for my sisters' birthday. One thing I'm never missing there is good food, beit my brother in law's wonderful cooking and fresh ingredients, or being taken to the nicest restaurants around.

I also got given some wonderful soaps made by my nephews, as well as had the privilege of being their first customer. I'm looking forward to more stuff being made by them (hint, hint) as well as their visit in July.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Good Times Good Food

Staying at my sister's place always means a relaxing time (even if she doesnt' think so) and lots of good food. My b-i-l is the best cook and my sister makes some mean baked goods. Plus, I've gotten her into having pomtinis, so to celebrate, we got some stainless steel martini glasses.

We always eat well, and with the completion of their greenhouse, we've had amazing meals of mixed greens (beet greens, salad greens) and choy sum. Yummy! And organic to boot! Even the simplest meals, such as hummus with pita is kicked up a notch with their own homemade sundried tomato paste in the hummus. The slow cooker curry beef was to die for, and of course, the banana bars were heavenly. I can't remember all the wonderful things we've had, but we sure have plenty.

My sister and I have been enjoying our times, chatting it up and getting caught up on things that just take too long to write by email. Unfortunately, this trip is only two weeks long, but we do cram in as much fun as can.