Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Talk about rose coloured glasses

Hubby was telling me an anecdote from work about this woman at work who’s so stupid...

(Audience shouts: How stupid is she?)

Well I’ll tell ya. She’s been living here for a while now, but her daughter’s been living in China on her own. Her daughter’s 20 years old, which is legal age by all accounts.

SW (stupid woman): I’m worried about my daughter; she’s at Granville Island by herself.

Hubby: Why are you worried about her?

SW: She’s there by herself.

Hubby: And?

SW: Well, she’s special.

Hubby: Special how?

SW: She doesn’t speak English very well.

Hubby: There are a lot of people here from China who don’t speak English well.

SW: But she’s special.

Hubby: Special in what way?

SW: She’s pretty.

So apparently the rest of us our dog meat and her daughter is the latest Helen of Troy. I will now go kill myself in shame of my ugliness.

Can I have my own planet please?

It’s amazing the mentality of many single men out there. I follow a guy on Twitter who has posted how he went down to some skanky Mexican strip bars and received lap dances galore, but then laments how he can’t meet women.

Hello, Earth to typical single male who thinks with his penis! Women are no longer sitting around (never have been actually) waiting for some guy, any guy to come along and marry them. These guys all want pure girls, but think it’s all fine and dandy to go out and do things that they probably wouldn’t want their mother to know about, let alone someone they want to sign a marriage certificate with. I admit, I’m old fashioned, but I appreciated the fact that my husband had less sexual encounters in his single life than he has toes. Way less.

And on the note of male bashing, please visit and share your stories with Kelly. I personally will be visiting that site at least once as week to see if I find stories where I can point at the computer and say “OMG, I know exactly what she means!”

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So much Twittering, so little time

I really don't know how my sister does it. I'm now following 31 people on Twitter, and have 19 following me. That's already enough to keep me distracted from working, not that it takes much when I'm transcribing minutes. I guess that's why people have Tweetdeck, to respond directly to those twitters that are directed to them, but there are some interesting comments floating around in general.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Good food even in the 'burbs

In my econ class, someone had written about an article about how McDonald's is still making money in these hard times. The funny thing is, it's not cheap to eat at McDonald's, ethnic foods is so much better, tastier and better bang for the buck.

We went to a little Japanese restaurant the other night up by our place, where, there were actually (gasp!) Japanese sushi chefs. Hubby, being his usual conservative self, had a miso soup and chicken and beef teriyaki. He likes miso soup, who woulda thunk it? Not that this was his first time having it, but I always figured he had it because it came with the dinner box.

I on the other hand, perused their fairly extensive selection of rolls, and ordered a Fire and Rock Roll. I can't remember exactly what else was in it, but there was spicy scallops and a sweet sauce and a tangy sauce. That and the miso soup I had for a starter was the perfect meal for about $10. Beat that McDonald's!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Be grateful

I was cranky yesterday (I know, what's new) but then I was thinking, there's so much more I should be grateful for than to be cranky about. It's been a beautiful few days, I really like the people I work with, my husband will actually help with cooking and cleaning (if I let him) and I don't work in a toxic environment anymore.

Now if I could just win the lottery...