Thursday, October 01, 2009

Is Sorry really the Hardest Word?

As an asian, I apologize for everything, something I did, something someone else did, First and Second World War, it's all my fault. But it seems to me that so many people don't say sorry anymore. They can literally run you over and you can expect at the most, a grunt. So what's happening in the world? It's sad that I'm starting to get to be like them, I will stand my ground when walking, I won't move out of the way for those who're walking in my path.

I had a guy today on the bus elbow me a few good ones. I think he could feel my sideways death glare and that's the only reason why he apologized. It probably would've been more effective and a quicker apology if I had elbowed him back, but again that apologetic nature doesn't allow me to react in a physical manner, I can only fantasize about how much I'd like to beat this kid over the head with my umbrella.