Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help, help, fashion police, fashion police

Although work is a place of higher education, it obviously doesn't translate to higher fashion sense. Sitting outside yesterday with a friend, we observed the comings and goings of the students. One had on a jacket that went down past her her bum, but I think her legs were bare until her fuzzy boots started. How many poor innocent dust bunnies had to die to make those boots for her?

Another girl was almost worse, she was wearing a bomber jacket with white short shorts, dark leggings and boots. White?!!?! Unless you're in a winter photo shoot in the middle of the Arctic, trying to pose with those cute seal pups before they get clubbed to death, white bottoms are not a good look. Especially when all it does draw attention to your ass. Yet another was wearing those super high waisted jeans that I hope died a quick death. Those remind me of old men who pull their pants up to their armpits. It doesn't look good on them and it certainly doesn't look good on the young, I don't care how good looking you are, or you think you are.

And although I admire people who wear what they want, fashion or societal decrees be damned, I really don't want to see larger people wearing very short skirts that ride up in the middle when they walk. There was a girl the other day who was wearing exactly that, and even her pantyhose could not hide the fact that she had Costco sized containers of cottage cheese hidden (actually not so hidden) on her back thighs. I guess I'm just old, but I long for the days when people dressed to hide flaws, not put up neon signs pointing to them.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hubby's antics

Our usual routine in the morning is I get up to exercise and put our lunches together and hubby makes coffee. We got a real lunchbag for him now so that he's not trying to juggle all his glass containers and coffee while getting into the car. It's a better system this way. This morning, I went to put his lunch into his lunch bag, and he hadn't even taken out his empty containers from yesterday. I chided him about that and his response was, "Musicians don't remember things, they're absentminded." That's professors you forgetful person you!

He also stole my book to read on the weekend, since I was away. The book is called "The Forger's Spell" and it's about a forger called Van Meergren who managed to fool the Nazis into thinking his paintings were real Vermeers. In fact, he managed to fool a few people, not because his paintings are as beautiful, but it's the art of illusion and deceiving people into believing what they want to believe (kinda like religion, wouldn't you say?) Anyway, hubby wasn't feeling well on Saturday, so he spent most of the day in front of the fireplace reading this book. He said he got through about 80 pages, which is amazing for a man who can't finish most books because of his lack of attention. Will wonders never cease?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

rants and raves...missed

I was rather cranky on Monday, having one of those whatever can go wrong will go wrong sort of days so it's a good thing I didn't write here, otherwise, no one would visit again. I will instead, relay a funny story that happened early this morning. This is for the benefit of anyone who is passing by.

This morning, around 3:00am, I got woken up by hubby talking in his sleep. He was facing me and I was on my back. Normally, because we have a king size bed, by morning he's on one side and I'm on the other, as far away from each other as possible, but not this morning. After he woke me up with his yelling, I closed my eyes to get back to sleep. I heard him spit and I felt moisture on my face. The guy had actually spit at me!

I asked him in the morning, after we were both more fully awake if he had been having strange dreams. He said yes, that he dreamt he was having to face a 16ft. high llama that was going to eat one of our dogs (we don't have dogs in real life, so better in his dreams) so he spat at the llama. He hadn't realized that he had actually physically spat. Luckily for him I'm not too antagonistic otherwise, he would've ended up off the bed at that point.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Positive Thoughts

A friend of mine was telling me how she's find a new man...sort of. It doesn't appear that either are wanting to make a commitment but they're having a good time so that's what matters. Although I don't know her that well, it seems to me that she's a very good person and deserves better than what life has handed her. I've been thinking that she needed some goodness in her life and now she's got this. So that begs the question, does positive thinking help? Even by someone else?

My dear sister has won many a gift through blogging contests and deservedly so. She's got so many good friends that she's met on-line and I think it's because she's a positive person who goes out of her way to help out others and make people happy. I didn't realize, for example, that she had sent roses to a blogger friend to cheer her up. That to me, is what good karma is all about.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A new resolution

I'm going to take a page from my sister's blog page and try and write here a little more frequently. Granted, probably no one will notice except her, however, if someone happens to drop by looking for the end of the internet (and kudos for that link to a prof I knew) stops by and peruses, welcome. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.

This will be less about food from now on, since there are so many good food blogs out there, but rather more my thoughts du jour or just rants because I'm PMSing. I'm doing this for several reasons: 1) it's as good a way to procrastinate as any, 2) hopefully I'll learn how to take thoughts out of my brain and put them down in writing again and 3) with any luck, this rant will give someone a good chuckle or piss off anyone I didn't like in the first place.

So happy reading through this and all the much better posts out there.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Fresh Start

Reading my sister's blog and seeing all her friends posting there has motivated me to write a bit more. I was spoiled this Christmas with a breadmaker. I've been wanting one for a while and made do with the food processor and mixer (and the top of the coffee machine for proofing) but this is so much easier! It' s so easy in fact, that we bought our dear friend one for Christmas so that he can tell all the girls he meets that he bakes. What gal wouldn't love a guy who can do that?

With all the snow we got this winter, we got rather snowbound, which isn't a bad thing, until you start to get cabin fever. For me it was a chance to do alot more baking (3 different types of bread in the first couple of days of having the breadmaker) as well as doing other cooking. I decided, since I had bought 36 eggs, that it was a good time to make pasta. I have 2 different pasta machines, one which kneads and rolls out the dough (kinda like the Playdoh machine for making hair) and the second one is just the one that rolls the dough. I decided to use the latter because I thought I would try and make some turkey tortellini/ravioli. There's something very comforting and down to earth about running the dough through the pasta machine. As you turn the dial to get the dough thinner and longer, it's almost sexy in a way. I think I'm chanelling Nigella.

I made the ravioli but as we weren't having it that same night, I decided to store it. Note to self for next time, dust with more flour! By the time I got around to cooking it, the dough had congealed into one big lump and wouldn't separate nicely for love or money. Come to think of it, what would ravioli want with either anyway? So I ended up cooking it for a lot longer than I would've if the pasta was fresh, but the porcini mushroom sauce I made to go with it made it all worthwhile.