Sunday, October 24, 2010

The letter never sent

Dear mom,

I'm very sad that you passed away and that you'll never see this. I'm also disappointed that you didn't get to see your best friend or your other daughter before you died. But

  • I'm glad you had your faith (even though I don't agree with it)
  • I'm glad you had your friends (even if they are insane, overbearing and over religious)
  • I'm glad you got to see a lot of the world
  • I'm glad you and dad had 49 years of happiness and hell together
  • I'm glad I was off work and able to spend time with you at the hospital
  • I'm glad the foot massages I gave you made you more comfortable and even put you to sleep at times
  • I'm glad I could relay your messages to dad when he was too hard of hearing to hear your soft voice
  • I'm glad I could make you laugh
  • I'm glad you were aware and cognizant up until the end
  • I'm glad your last meal was chicken and mashed potatoes, which was what you ordered, rather than what food services wanted to give you, and that the chicken tasted like chicken
  • I'm glad we had your last meal in a room with a spectacular view
You thanked me for being your daughter, but I'm more grateful for having you as a mom.

your daughter