Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cat Stevens needs an update

Cat Stevens once sang about a wild world. Well it's changed since then, it's now just a selfish world. Case in point: I saw a breadmaker on sale on craigslist, and emailed the seller. We corresponded a few times, and I had every intention of purchasing it, but either he gave me the wrong phone number, or I wrote it down wrong. In any case, I didnt' get it on the day I wanted to, and emailed him the next day to apologize for not getting there that day. He emailed back and told me to contact him when I wanted to come out again. I did email him again after that, and he never responded. So eventually I checked out craigslist again, and his breadmaker is now off the site. I don't mind that he sold it to someone else, but could he not have the courtesy to email me back and tell me not to waste my time trying to figure out when I could come and see it?

It's the same in everything, people on the road are too busy talking on their cell phones to care that they're tying up traffic, or they just change lanes without looking to see if there's a car coming. What happened to common courtesy and respect for others? If I was religious, I'd say the end was coming, but being that I'm not, I'll just say, phooey to you Alvin, for being rude.

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Anonymous said...

bummer about the breadmaker...double bummer about people not returning your email. I've had that happen too...and this is with supposedly friends, and I was being helpful too (like this one gal wanted input on Usborne books and I gave her my opinion, but never heard back from her. fine. I was going to buy a book or two from her book party just to be nice, but I won't now).

Hey, you can have our old, but still works great, bread maker. ;)