Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Staff Gorge

They had a "staff appreciation" tea yesterday. It was nice in that there were tons of food, but not so good in that it was 2:30 in the afternoon and how much can you eat then?

The catering was good though, they had various types of sandwiches, with the crusts cut off of course. The one that was unusual and nice was the cucumber sandwiches, but it also had cream cheese and pesto. The curried chicken salad was also a nice one. Of course, since it was a tea, they had to have scones wtih marmalade and jam and cream there, along with a big bowl of strawberries. I tried not to think of how much pesticides I was ingesting. There were also several types of quiche and sausage rolls. Oh, and they had two cakes to celebrate whoever's birthday was this month; one was a chocolate mousse cake, no idea what the ther one was.

There was so much food in fact, that we had leftovers for lunch today. So is that a staff re-appreciation?


Anonymous said...

That's the only thing I miss about having an outside job...the occasional food-fest. Did they have clotted cream? I want to try clotted cream. I'm sure it's just very rich tasting cream, but somehow the name is gnarly enough that I want to try it. ;>

My left arm for a piece of the choc mousse cake!

Well, I'm sure it was nice to be appreciated over and over long as nobody regurgitated their thank-you's.

Next time, plan your visit in June and you can feast on our strawberries again. Actually, our ever-bearers are still going strong (as they should be), so we get a handful every day.

Rosie said...

We usually get potted plants. *sniff sniff*

Rosie said...

Hey, one of the banks was having customer appreciation today. I was there for the office to see a loan officer, but i had to sit and wait for her to get off the phone. As I was waiting, there were two little old ladies chomping away on cheetos and hotdogs. One had her mouth COMPLETELY stuffed full. She was chewing like a chipmunk. The other one had her hand crammed into the cheetos bag feeling around for crumbs, still gnawing on a little bit of weeny in her false teeth. She says to me, with food in her mouth, "Ain't you gawn eat?" I bit my tongue (hell, she might have bit it too if she had the chance) and told her no, that I was waiting to see someone. She says, "I thought you looked like you was takin care of some bizness. You better eat some of this free food before it's gone! You better take advantage of it while ya can!" It was all so funny. But the longer I thought about it, the sadder i felt. Were they very poor elderly women? You know, the ones they talk about on the news who don't have enough income by a long shot to support themselves? Then it wasn't so funny. Didn't mean to veer off the subject like that. Sorry!

Epicure68 said...

They had cream, but I dont' think it was clotted. We can go pick up some clotted cream when you're here, okay? And you gotta have it with scones and jam.

It's nice to be appreciated when it's heartfelt (who, me bitter?) but we know it wasn't, so we just enjoyed the free food instead. Can't wait to have your strawberries.

Epicure68 said...

Well it was kinda funny Rosie, cuz the people in our office are exactly that way too, but they're neither that old, nor poor. Did you sit a safe distance a way from them, just in case you got an arm in the way of their cheetos? I think for the most part, people just take advantage of anything that's free, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Getting off topic can be fun too!