Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Salmonella, anyone?

I swear our parents are trying to kill themselves and anyone else who comes through those doors. If I'm a bad cook in terms of getting the food to the table all at once, I'm going to blame it on my parents from now on.

Mom had me get the fish fillets ready (her usual mayonnaise and onion soup mix), and it wasn't until that was sitting there on the kitchen table that she had dad prep the squash. Now, even an idiot knows that squash will take longer to cook than fish fillets, right? So what does that make mom? And then, because she is the queen of micromanaging, she tells me to keep the spoon I had globbed the mayonnias onto the fish with, instead of using it to spread the mayonniase, in case I needed more mayonnaise. I didn't tell her that I prefer to have a bit of seasoning with my fish, and not the other way around.

Meanwhile, she's preheated the oven for the last half an hour before the squash is ready to be cooked. And then they wonder why their hydro bill is so high. Sheesh! I put the squash in for a good 10 mins before the fish, and the squash still didn't turn out soft enough. I'd say the best part about dinner was the BBQ pork that our aunt had picked up. Sad state of affairs, tonight's dinner.


Anonymous said...

As we both know, eating at mom and dad's is like playing Russian Roulette. Obviously that one bout of salmonella wasn't enough for mom. :P

And ok, so I'm an idiot...I don't know how long it takes to cook squash. Heh heh...

Rosie said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds scary! I have never tried mayo and onion soup mix. How do you prepare the dish? I microwave my squash. It takes the same smount of time as a baked potato. Unless it's an acorn squash or a butternut squash. One of those takes as long as 3 baked potatoes.

Epicure68 said...

Well Shades, you know enough to know that squash (heavy solid food) will cook slower than fish. I don't think our parents thought about it.

The mayo onion soup mix is just slopping some mayo on top of the fish, sprinkling the onion soup mix on top and then baking the whole thing til the fish is cooked. Not very exciting, and certainly not something you should really do with a good piece of fish.

I was told I should've told her to steam it first before baking.