Friday, March 21, 2008

Strange cravings

No, I'm not pregnant, just fluish and feeling run down. And you know how when you're not feeling well, very few foods appeal. So what have I been eating? Soup (even if it is only Knorr out of a box) and Pirate Booty. Not the healthiest thing to get you better in a jiffy, but I'm compensating by drinking green tea. The lovely T-bone steak I have marinating in the fridge will just have to wait another day.


Anonymous said...

Dh likes Coke and crackers when he's sick...must be something about being sick making you crave strange foods.

Hope you'll feel better soon, hon!

Epicure68 said...

I was craving Cokes while at the game, but I think that's jsut part of the whole junk food feel of the hockey game.

Anonymous said...

Didja get a hot dog to go with it? ;) Sometimes, I really crave a hot dog, as disgusting as they are.