Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back to reality

Well my sister and her family have gone home again, after two weeks of fun and lots of eating. The best part of when they come to visit, besides the fantastic company, is the eating. Besides the fact that our parents try and kill us by feeding us chicken that's been left out overnight, we do get to eat all sorts of other wonderful things. Our parents would go and get crazy chinese things for us, such as the squid dyed to a bright orange, or the boneless chicken feet (WTF?)

Almost every other day, our parents would go to a chinese bakery and buy all our favourite buns. And because I was off for the whole time this time, I was able to go for dim sum with them. Oh boy did I miss doing that. Just don't get into town enough to do that, although it's probably a good thing.

On our own, we visited tons of great restaurants. Thanks again to my wonderful sister and b-i-l who treated me to all those meals out. I hadn't been to Bridges up until then and I can see why it's so popular. Great food, incredible view and a sunny day doesn't hurt either. We also went to my sister's fave restaurant in Vancouver, the Afghan Horsemen. For once she didn't go with her usual entree of Bandejan Borani, which I'm sure surprised the proprietor more than how much the kids have grown. The food there is always great, and now in their new location, while a little more difficult to find parking, at least you can fit yourself and another personality in the bathroom without hurting yourself.

We also ate from Green Lettuce, various vendors from Granville Island, McQueen's Upstairs and Salmon House on the Hill. The boys were enamoured with Dolce Amore on Commercial Drive, and were very disappointed when they first thought it had changed to be a full time wine tasting establishment. Once they realized it was just more streamlined they happily went there as often as they could with their dad.

Another great thing about my sister's visit is they bring the nice weather with them. Course that meant that the weather was also nice enough to go for long walks at Bunzten Lake, and thankfully they didn't take me along to hike Lynn Headwaters. But we certainly did a fair bit of walking, almost enough to walk off all those calories that we ate.


Anonymous said...

Not all the calories...I have one name Bernie hanging around my midriff who has invited all his fat friends to hang out there too. ;)

I'm just gonna send my visitors to your blog to read about the trip, ok? LOL!

Epicure68 said...

You are too funny!! You're hardly having to worry about Bernie, he's probably like me, has 2 friends max.

Sure, but without all the pics, your friends wont' find my blog nearly as interesting.