Thursday, October 01, 2009

Is Sorry really the Hardest Word?

As an asian, I apologize for everything, something I did, something someone else did, First and Second World War, it's all my fault. But it seems to me that so many people don't say sorry anymore. They can literally run you over and you can expect at the most, a grunt. So what's happening in the world? It's sad that I'm starting to get to be like them, I will stand my ground when walking, I won't move out of the way for those who're walking in my path.

I had a guy today on the bus elbow me a few good ones. I think he could feel my sideways death glare and that's the only reason why he apologized. It probably would've been more effective and a quicker apology if I had elbowed him back, but again that apologetic nature doesn't allow me to react in a physical manner, I can only fantasize about how much I'd like to beat this kid over the head with my umbrella.


Anonymous said...

Wow...sorry I missed this earlier. Heh heh... ;)

Well, you already know I feel the same way. As for standing one's ground, no need to apologize for that. You pay your taxes for half the sidewalk and you're entitled to it, darlin'!

stretch mark cream said...

I'm blog-hopping and came across your blog. People who don't know how to say sorry are indeed annoying. Sometimes I feel like I want to strangle them but saying sorry in a sarcastic manner for me is a sweet revenge. LOL!

Epicure68 said...

Hey Teresa,

No worries, it's not like I'm here much either. I figure I'm also older and therefore have paid more taxes for my share of the sidewalk.

Stretch Mark Cream, what a great name! thanks for stopping by, I'll have to try being sarcastic, without under my breath next time.

Tiff :o) said...

I'm blog hopping too. I agree...not enough people taking enough accountability to apologize these days. Just two days ago, I was walking my 4 dogs. Their total weight is 250 lbs, 100 pounds more than me, and they can each pull about 100 lbs more than they weigh. But luckily, I have pretty good control. We were walking along, minding our own business when a dog ran from its driveway into the street and began biting one of my dogs. The owner came running over, and the husband joined in. The dog backed off to avoid its owners. My dogs were trying to run after him as he went around and around us. I was able to stand my ground and keep the dogs from reaching him but that was about all I was able to manage to do (couldn't make any headway in getting away from the train wreck). The guy had the nerve to look right at me and tell me "Go and get your dogs out of here!" I kept my mouth shut but I was thinking to myself that they had two people and one dog and they couldn't control it while I, one person, had 4 dogs and was keeping them under better control than they were able. I finally got enough distance from the yard that the dog gave up and the owners caught him and took him in. The guy slammed the door behind him and I was in someone's yard trying to catch my breath and settle my trembling legs. Then, Bear started holding his legs funny. He had ripped both rear paws on the pavement. And Poor Tucker got a big gash on the inside of one of his front legs. I think I was in that yard, kitty corner to theri's for 5 minutes. Not once did either person come out to apologize or to find out if we were ok. That made me so mad.

Epicure68 said...

Tiff, I'm so sorry to hear about your dogs, that's awful that you can't even take a walk with your dogs in peace. I hope you at least took it to your local newspaper to try and shame them into thinking twice before letting their dogs loose.