Sunday, April 18, 2010

The World has to come to an end

And not because the Mayan calendar says it will, although in some ways I think they were right; the world as we know it has to alter in some way and hopefully for the better.

I'm hoping that by 2012, all these so-called reality shows will just die a sudden death. The final show that got to me was "What would Brian Boitano Make" on the Food Network. C'mon are we really that starved for something to watch that they need to put some former figure skater on a cooking show? I thought the food network showed only serious cooks, but then again, they let Rachael Ray on as well, don't they? Maybe it's just time for me to stop watching tv.


Anonymous said...

Well, that's a little melodramatic, my dear, but when the catholic church does things like the ones described by Meg at then, I think the human race has not a chance in hades of ever advancing. Thank goodness for atheists (they're calling for a Golden Rule Day in response to prayer day, BTW).

Epicure68 said...

Well I gotta be melodramatic every once in a while, can't let the husband and the gay co-worker be the drama queens all the time.

Like you say, thank goodness for those who can actually reason and rationalize on their own without having to call on their imaginary friend.