Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New foods ahead

I haven't bothered writing cuz I've got nothing interesting to write about. We've been busy getting ready for our trip to Rome, Paris, Istanbul and New York, in that order. I'm looking forward to trying out new foods and going crazy in the spice market buying all sorts of things. Nephew #1 wants basalmic vinegar from Rome. How many 10 year olds do you know who would be asking for vinegar? Nephew #2 is a more typical kid, and asked for chocolate from Paris. Guess I better ask how much cocoa he wants in his chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, DH and I went to pick up milk from the grocery store the other nite. True to all shops, you never come out with only what you went in for. They had the Callebault chocolate on sale, so we picked out the largest piece of dark chocolate we could find, and the second largest piece of dark chocolate. So we head to the check out with our 4 items, 2 giant pieces of chocolate and 2 things of milk. The cashier asked what we were going to do with all that chocolate and DH says with a straight face, "Oh, it should hold me for tonite." I better hide that chocolate.

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