Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Caffeine Extravaganza

We finally got out to the farm to get our eggs. Picked up 8 dozen for $20. Mind you, we only kept half of that, and I've used more than a dozen already. One of the things I really wanted to make were Black Gold Cookies, they sounded very decadent and I had to see for myself if the reviews were true. They were definitely decadent, even without the espresso powder, and with more flour than the recipe called for. I think where I made my mistake was measuring out the chocolate rather than weighing it.

DH and his best friend had 3-4 cookies apiece after dinner on Sunday night, and then they wondered why they couldn't sleep that night. Just goes to show that you shouldn't get greedy.

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CountryGarbo said...

Hmm, guess I shouldn't make these cookies for the kids. They already stay up waaaay later than I'd like them to. Bleep, bleep kids. ;D