Tuesday, April 24, 2007

6 Weird Things

Well Rosie has tagged me, so I'll try and answer with something interesting. The idea is to post 6 weird things about yourself, and tag 5 other people and let them know they've been tagged. I don't know anyone else who reads this site regularly except for Rosie and CountryGarbo, so that makes the second rule difficult. So if anyone else reads this, I hope you play this as well, and let me know where your answers are.

1) People think I'm taller than I actually am (I'm 5')

2) I love reading murder mysteries, but I can't watch movies based on the books.

3) I am the most passive aggressive person you'll ever meet.

4) I am learning tai chi, which is supposed to teach me balance, but I can't even walk without tripping.

5) Taking after our mother, I hardly have any body hair at all. (makes it easier in terms of personal hygiene).

6) I can sleep practically anytime, anywhere. How else can you explain my falling asleep on the train ride in from the airport in Rome?

1 comment:

CountryGarbo said...

"3) I am the most passive aggressive person you'll ever meet."

Uh, NOT...as your sister, I usurp the right to be named THE MOST. You'll have to be second in line for the title of Ms. Passive Aggressive of the Century. Heh heh