Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gripe Time!

Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with food, except for the fact that there's no food involved. I feel I can gripe here because the only people who read this are: 1) my sister, 2) Rosie who wouldn't know me if we walked past each other and 3) my friends who don't fall into the realm of this gripe.

What is with people and their self-centred, non-thinkingness? My sister has a friend who won't RSVP to things until 2 mins prior to the event happening, which is totally inconsiderate if you don't take into account that her friend is a complete flake. But even flakes should have a brain, shouldn' t they?

In my case, well, actually it's my husband's friend, so in his case. Anyway, I digress, our friend is heading off on vacation, and DH had offered our new camera for his friend to borrow. They had talked about splitting the camera, but at the time of purchase, friend hadn't been sure if he wanted to partake since he didn't have a subject to photograph (nude girlfriend). So anyway, DH had offered it to him, but nothing had been solidified. Friday, DH talks to friend, and friend once again expressed interest, however, between his schedule and ours, we were unable to get the camera to him. Today, he calls from out of town (on his way home before heading out again) and suggests to DH that we can drop off the camera in friend's garage, and voila, here's the code to get into the garage. This is the same guy, who we have seen thru 2 partners, multiple dates and god knows what else. He gave codes not just to the garage, but to the house to a previous partner who he knew for less time than I've known some of the clothes in my closet. But us, no, we're not worthy of knowing how to get into his house.

As we're coming home from the hockey game tonight, friend calls again to say he's still at home and if we'd like to drop off the camera to him, we may do so. Now, if friend's house was en route home, we may've considered it, but it would've taken us out of our way and for what? As I said to DH, what's in it for us? Not that everything one does has to be for selfish reasons, but why the hell should we waste our time and gas (at $1.30/litre) to drop off something to him that he wants? Would a reasonable person not say, "Gee, if you're going to be home in the next little while, do you mind if I drop by and borrow that camera? It'd be much appreciated."

So if anyone has a response that tells us we should've dropped off the camera, I'd sure like to hear it.


CountryGarbo said...

Rude b*stard...why you guys remain friends with him, I don't know. He's gotta snap out of his self-centered bachelor mode if he hopes to land some nice woman who won't dump him. All friendships/relationships should be a fairly equal give and take or you might as well just have enemies.

Anonymous said...

Well, glad to know that complete strangers think I'm a rude b*stard. I actually didn't want to take the camera in the first place, because I thought it would be too difficult to deal with the additional paperwork at the border with my Dad, two dogs in tow and a likely RV search as we crossed into the US (which happened). I guess I felt it was more DH that wanted me to take the camera (since I never suggested it or asked for it), and I still feel somewhat responsible for you two buying it as I certainly don't have any use for it at the present time, nor in the indefinite future, and I know that it was more than you wanted or needed to spend.

As far as me being self-centered, well, I won't even dignify that with an answer. I've done all that I can to be an equal participant and offer my fare share when I have been permitted to do so. I have been dealing with some extremely difficult internal demons and personal strife for a few years now and I cope in the best way that I can. I have given far too much of myself to women who have, in the end, treated me with very little respect, so I really have very little use whatsoever for the opposite sex at this time in my life.

And currently no one has codes to my home, not even my father. Only one person ever did, and that was my ex-girlfriend of 3-1/2 years. If it's necessary to give my codes out for a specific reason then I do so. Last time I checked that was still my right.