Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Three weeks of fun in the sun

Without having to go anywhere tropical even. It was hot and humid at my sister's place. Not her house, just the area, but a good time was had by all. Or at least sis and me; drinking every night (not to excess mind you, since sis can't take too much alcohol), baking up a storm (as always) and eating tons of good, organic food. She made some wonderful sticky buns, and we made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, thumprint cookies with orange marmalade, and was it lemon cookies? I can't remember now, it's been a whole 3 days since I've been back. My dear b-i-l, a wonderful cook made some incredible congee, not once, but twice for us. I don't make it myself because I'd be eating it all by myself, but after having his, I'm thinking that might not be such a bad thing.

Hubby of course came back from Paris before I got back, and he came home with tons of chocolates. Absolutely to die for. His major binge: a 1kg Valhrona chocolate bar.

Hubby's also been making dinner while I'm taking my accounting (blech!) course, which is very sweet of him. We have very different styles, he and I, so it's best that we stay out of each other's way when the other person is cooking. Or maybe that's just me, I prefer to not cook with him.

He's also doing all the food shopping, which is also different from my style. He came home tonight with a big Costco size (I was being redundant, wasn't I?) container of ground black pepper. I asked him why and he said it was for when we needed large amounts. Me, I dont' believe in any pepper that's not freshly ground. It just doesn't taste the same, no matter what the bottle says about finest peppercorn and all that crap. He also brought home a box of grapes, which I would call table wine grapes. They're the type with seeds, and thick sour skins. And he thinks I can eat this at work?

I'll be happy when this course is over and I'm back to doing the kitchen things. It's more of a passion for me and I think I'll get some ethnic foods that way too.

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Anonymous said...

Well, hon, you made the carrot cake, and cookies (2 diff kinds, I might add!), and the lemon bar, so it's not like we fed you really. We are having duck congee for lunch today. :) Yum! Wish you were here to have it with us!

At least he's trying to be helpful, but I understand...not just a thing of ground pepper but a huge container. Sheesh! What the heck is he thinking?? They say not to buy spices in huge quantities, esp. ground up stuff, since they degrade quickly.

Well, we fed you bad grapes while you were here too (although it was bad organic grapes), so I guess I can't say anything about that.

Only 6 more weeks on the course?