Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just when you think you've got it all worked out

Life decides to make you re-evaluate. No, this isn't some major deep thinking going on here. We needed to buy a new dishwasher, so we went to look. Found what we thought was a great deal for a Bosch dishwasher, but when it came time to pay the final deposit on it, it turned out the sales guy had not given us the correct amount when we first talked to him, and he also wouldn't back down and apologize for his error.

So we went elsewhere, and ended up at Sears. There was a Kenmore dishwasher for sale, and our first though was, not a Kenmore! That's so middle America. Still, we let the sale guy give his spiel, how Whirlpool makes both Kenmores and Kitchenaids, and showed us the stainless steel interior and the turbo wash feature. We ended up purchasing it with the thought of hanging our tails between our legs in shame.

When we went to unpack it, we found that lo and behold, there was no name on the front of the dishwasher, the only place you could see that it was a Kenmore, was a label just inside the door. And we thought we'd have to ask for a Bosch sticker to put over the Kenmore tag.


Anonymous said...

Oh you snob! Haha! Hope it will work well. We really like our Kenmore HE washer. And we'd gladly give up the stupid Amana oven (so much for names).

Epicure68 said...

That's exactly it, what is in a name? By rights, you should expect a certain amount of quality from a name, but with everything merging nowadays, you don't know who's building what anymore and lots of former high quality products don't have the standards backing them anymore.