Friday, June 23, 2006

Anniversary dinner

For our 10th anniversary, DH thought it'd be nice to go back to the restaurant that we went to after we got married. Le Meridien is now Sutton Place Hotel, but we figured the food would still be as excellent as ever, since it is a 5 star hotel. The menu looked incredible and I was looking forward to it.

When we finally found a parking spot (some bastard stole the parking spot we wanted) and almost had to run back to the restaurant, we found that it had changed. For one, the restaurant used to be in the back, but that room is now changed to a lounge, and the formal dining room area is out where the chocolate buffet resides, so it wasn't as quiet and intimate as we hoped. We had dressed up for the occasion, and was disappointed to see that it wasnt' a dressy place anymore. (As an aside, always try sitting in your outfit to see how it sits. I didn't realize my coat dress would open up in the front like it did and spent a good part of the evening trying to keep it more closed).

They started us with a complimentary sampler of halibut tartare, and that was delicious. DH started with the trio of lobster, and he said the chowder was excellent, so much so that he tried to lick the cappucino cup that it came in. I had the trio of tuna and the tartare was brilliant, but I was a little disappointed in the tuna roll. Next, he had the quail breast and I had the sablefish. I have a bad feeling that sablefish is on the endangered list, so to all the sablefish out there, I apologize for eating your bretheren. It was quite nice, but my scallop was a little overcooked, so a bit tougher than it should be. In hindsight, I should've gone with the table d'ote, which would've been 4 courses, for about the same amount of money for the 3 courses we ended up having. Although I wasn't considering having dessert, the chocolate buffet was too tempting to resist, so we went for it. I loved the bread pudding made with croissants partly because it wasn't overly sweet, but really I couldn't eat my money's worth from that buffet. Even DH couldn't do it.

We went home a little poorer, but full and sleepy, and we can now say that we managed to stay together for 10 years plus!


Anonymous said...

Although I already sent an e-card, I'll say it again: Congrats and happy anniversary! :)

bunalloo ;-) said...

Hey congrats to you and DH!

10 years, wow! I remember the day well - zipping around on the boat around Burrard Inlet ;-)

Yeah, restaurants can sure change in that time, tho I'm glad to hear the chocolate buffet is alive and well!