Monday, June 12, 2006

Stupid is as stupid does

You try and help someone out, and what do you get in return? Ignored for a full day.

Our friend is going through (or was at least) a breakup, and so we tried to support him by keeping him occupied on weekends. He got an email from his (hopefully soon to be ex) girlfriend and nex thing we know, he went AWOL for a day. I joked to DH that it's too bad we aren't better computer hackers; we could've sent an email back to her, from the law firm of such and such on behalf of our client Mr. X, and that she should cease and desist all communications at this point. Ah, to be smart enough to do such things.

Wonder if those people who help with removing people from cults work with people in destructive relationships?


Anonymous said...

Rome wasn't built, nor destroyed...haha!, in a day. So, have patience, Grasshopper. ;)

Epicure68 said...

I'm getting to the age of having very little patience. So much for tai chi keeping me calm.

bunalloo ;-) said...

Breaking up is hard to do -- you two are being good supportive friends.

Hope you hang in there and he does too!