Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home again, home again

I'm happy to be home, if only for my own bed. No offense, but sleeping on an air mattress with spiders ready to crawl into bed with me, for some reason, doesn't appeal to my senses. Although I'm as always, grateful for my own bed, I do miss my sister and her family a ton. We had a great time (I think, the nephews may disagree) together, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

We baked lots, including black bottom coconut bars and my sister re-made chocolate coconut bars for me to try, as well as Mark Bittman's brownies. Yum! The workers working on their shed were also very happy to get to try out the treats as well.

I was treated to a wonderful dinner at Tallent's for my sisters' birthday. One thing I'm never missing there is good food, beit my brother in law's wonderful cooking and fresh ingredients, or being taken to the nicest restaurants around.

I also got given some wonderful soaps made by my nephews, as well as had the privilege of being their first customer. I'm looking forward to more stuff being made by them (hint, hint) as well as their visit in July.


Anonymous said...

We do apologize profusely for the air mattress, and hope to remedy the situation by your next visit. You gotta admit the spider on the pillow was a nice touch. LOL!

I'll try and take your big hint and get the kids to make more soaps soon.

Miss you a whole lot too!!

Epicure68 said...

I'm just teasing! The spider definitely made it more of a rustic feel overall. I'm hoping to help the kids sell some of their stuff, ya never know.

Anonymous said...

The kids are incredibly lucky to have you for an aunt (and I'll remind them daily too). You make up for the neglect from the uncle on their father's side of the family - times 1,000! You are THE best!!!!