Friday, May 09, 2008

Good Times Good Food

Staying at my sister's place always means a relaxing time (even if she doesnt' think so) and lots of good food. My b-i-l is the best cook and my sister makes some mean baked goods. Plus, I've gotten her into having pomtinis, so to celebrate, we got some stainless steel martini glasses.

We always eat well, and with the completion of their greenhouse, we've had amazing meals of mixed greens (beet greens, salad greens) and choy sum. Yummy! And organic to boot! Even the simplest meals, such as hummus with pita is kicked up a notch with their own homemade sundried tomato paste in the hummus. The slow cooker curry beef was to die for, and of course, the banana bars were heavenly. I can't remember all the wonderful things we've had, but we sure have plenty.

My sister and I have been enjoying our times, chatting it up and getting caught up on things that just take too long to write by email. Unfortunately, this trip is only two weeks long, but we do cram in as much fun as can.


Anonymous said...

"We" got some martini glasses?? Not! YOU got me some martini glasses. ;) Thanks so, so, so much!!!

Epicure68 said...

We as in me and my multiple personalities? I had to get you something for your birthday, didn't I? And now I can't break them it's even better.

Anonymous said...

Heh can't break 'em, but I can sure spill 'em. ;D