Saturday, May 24, 2008

Third time's a charm

Hopefully it is, at least in hard lesson's learned.

I'd had a rough week (don't ask and I won't bore you to tears) but by the end of Friday, I was ready to go home and have a drink. Well being asian, I don't tend to tolerate alcohol that well. I had a martini (gin and 2 olives) when I got home, and after I polished it off, I was feeling a little less pain, but decided to go have a second one. This was, afterall, dinner. So I gulped down a second martini and we sat down to watch a video. I decided to have some Pirate's Booty since hubby suggested I should probably eat something. About half an hour into the video, I slumped in the chair and passed out. I was awake enough to pull the now empty booty bag closer to me as I felt like I was going to need a barf bag. I guess hubby knew I wasn't feeling well from my moaning noises, so he grabbed me a bucket, and I unceremoniously proceeded to expel anything and everything I had in my system.

I could feel the earth spinning around me, and it wouldn't listen when I asked it to stop. Hubby carried me to the main floor (I wasn't going to make it to our bedroom without having to throw up again) and I managed to stumble into the bathroom to make sure I didn't have anything else on my stomach before falling into the guest bed. Hubby was kind enough to empty out the bucket (I think I heard him making some puking noises himself) before bringing it back to me in case I needed it. He also brought me a cool towel and a glass of water. I managed to sleep for a few hours before waking up to brush my teeth (there's nothing worse than puke breath) and headed back to bed.

This morning, hubby was very disappointed to find that I didn't suffer from any sort of a hangover, and wasn't going to pursue hair of the dog. This is only the third time in my life that I've gotten this drunk, and the first time that it was truly self-inflicted. I've sworn of gin for at least a week, and any form of alcohol until at least Monday. We'll see what a new week brings.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, you poor thing! Never drink alone, and never guzzle your drinks. (I can hear you saying, "yes, mom" while rolling your eyes...or is that Bryce I'm thinking of??) Glad you don't have a hangover, and glad it wasn't the stomach flu!

Epicure68 said...

Thanks mom. No, no eye rolling, because man am I ever lucky to have gotten away that easily and I've learned my lesson, unlike your son. ;D

Anonymous said...

That kid just need a few more beatings...haha!