Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Talk about rose coloured glasses

Hubby was telling me an anecdote from work about this woman at work who’s so stupid...

(Audience shouts: How stupid is she?)

Well I’ll tell ya. She’s been living here for a while now, but her daughter’s been living in China on her own. Her daughter’s 20 years old, which is legal age by all accounts.

SW (stupid woman): I’m worried about my daughter; she’s at Granville Island by herself.

Hubby: Why are you worried about her?

SW: She’s there by herself.

Hubby: And?

SW: Well, she’s special.

Hubby: Special how?

SW: She doesn’t speak English very well.

Hubby: There are a lot of people here from China who don’t speak English well.

SW: But she’s special.

Hubby: Special in what way?

SW: She’s pretty.

So apparently the rest of us our dog meat and her daughter is the latest Helen of Troy. I will now go kill myself in shame of my ugliness.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should take your profile photo off, Ms. Dog Meat. ;D

Did someone drop this woman on her head as a child??

Epicure68 said...

I should, put up a picture of Audrey Hepburn or something. Hey, I fell on my head a few times as a child, but you don't see me being that delusional. Just in other ways.

Anonymous said...

I think delusion is in some people's genes...don't make me name names! ;D

Epicure68 said...

You can just whisper it in my ear then.

CdnWonderWoman said...

LOL. We have code for those not-so-hot (aka ugly) guys we try to set up with our friends. He's "so nice". It's about time we had code for pretty girls that your guy friend may not be interested in.... "Special"