Monday, February 09, 2009

Good food even in the 'burbs

In my econ class, someone had written about an article about how McDonald's is still making money in these hard times. The funny thing is, it's not cheap to eat at McDonald's, ethnic foods is so much better, tastier and better bang for the buck.

We went to a little Japanese restaurant the other night up by our place, where, there were actually (gasp!) Japanese sushi chefs. Hubby, being his usual conservative self, had a miso soup and chicken and beef teriyaki. He likes miso soup, who woulda thunk it? Not that this was his first time having it, but I always figured he had it because it came with the dinner box.

I on the other hand, perused their fairly extensive selection of rolls, and ordered a Fire and Rock Roll. I can't remember exactly what else was in it, but there was spicy scallops and a sweet sauce and a tangy sauce. That and the miso soup I had for a starter was the perfect meal for about $10. Beat that McDonald's!


Anonymous said...

Even if not cheaper, sushi is a hundred times more healthful (unless you eat too much mercury-laden tuna) than any fast foods.

Did hubby eat the tofu in the miso? Because it doesn't count if he doesn't. ;D

Epicure68 said...

And tastier. Esp. on the west coast, it makes mroe sense.

He did eat the tofu, but it has to be in things like soup.