Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hubby's antics

Our usual routine in the morning is I get up to exercise and put our lunches together and hubby makes coffee. We got a real lunchbag for him now so that he's not trying to juggle all his glass containers and coffee while getting into the car. It's a better system this way. This morning, I went to put his lunch into his lunch bag, and he hadn't even taken out his empty containers from yesterday. I chided him about that and his response was, "Musicians don't remember things, they're absentminded." That's professors you forgetful person you!

He also stole my book to read on the weekend, since I was away. The book is called "The Forger's Spell" and it's about a forger called Van Meergren who managed to fool the Nazis into thinking his paintings were real Vermeers. In fact, he managed to fool a few people, not because his paintings are as beautiful, but it's the art of illusion and deceiving people into believing what they want to believe (kinda like religion, wouldn't you say?) Anyway, hubby wasn't feeling well on Saturday, so he spent most of the day in front of the fireplace reading this book. He said he got through about 80 pages, which is amazing for a man who can't finish most books because of his lack of attention. Will wonders never cease?


Anonymous said...

Oy, if you don't laugh at the hubbies, you'd have to divorce them. ;D Luckily he doesn't read your blog, right? hahaha!

Epicure68 said...

I guess it works both ways, but I'm not nearly as senile yet. Yeah, I'd be in big trouble if he read this. ;>