Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help, help, fashion police, fashion police

Although work is a place of higher education, it obviously doesn't translate to higher fashion sense. Sitting outside yesterday with a friend, we observed the comings and goings of the students. One had on a jacket that went down past her her bum, but I think her legs were bare until her fuzzy boots started. How many poor innocent dust bunnies had to die to make those boots for her?

Another girl was almost worse, she was wearing a bomber jacket with white short shorts, dark leggings and boots. White?!!?! Unless you're in a winter photo shoot in the middle of the Arctic, trying to pose with those cute seal pups before they get clubbed to death, white bottoms are not a good look. Especially when all it does draw attention to your ass. Yet another was wearing those super high waisted jeans that I hope died a quick death. Those remind me of old men who pull their pants up to their armpits. It doesn't look good on them and it certainly doesn't look good on the young, I don't care how good looking you are, or you think you are.

And although I admire people who wear what they want, fashion or societal decrees be damned, I really don't want to see larger people wearing very short skirts that ride up in the middle when they walk. There was a girl the other day who was wearing exactly that, and even her pantyhose could not hide the fact that she had Costco sized containers of cottage cheese hidden (actually not so hidden) on her back thighs. I guess I'm just old, but I long for the days when people dressed to hide flaws, not put up neon signs pointing to them.


Anonymous said...

Cruel, but funny!! Next time take pictures too, ok? ;D

Epicure68 said...

That's why I need that cell phone, so I can take pics as well. I'm always cruel, but definitely more so when I'm lacking sleep.

West Coast Wanderer said...

Ya yah, definitely cringe-inducing! Although I admit on the whole people are quite a bit more stylish in Van (well downtown/Kits area anyway) than in Vic - probably 'cause I've been hanging around Oak Bay (aka seniors central) too much!

Epicure68 said...

That's true, you live in the fashionable part of town where people are fashion conscious. And are you implying you don't like the up to the armpits pants look on senior men?