Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A new resolution

I'm going to take a page from my sister's blog page and try and write here a little more frequently. Granted, probably no one will notice except her, however, if someone happens to drop by looking for the end of the internet (and kudos for that link to a prof I knew) stops by and peruses, welcome. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.

This will be less about food from now on, since there are so many good food blogs out there, but rather more my thoughts du jour or just rants because I'm PMSing. I'm doing this for several reasons: 1) it's as good a way to procrastinate as any, 2) hopefully I'll learn how to take thoughts out of my brain and put them down in writing again and 3) with any luck, this rant will give someone a good chuckle or piss off anyone I didn't like in the first place.

So happy reading through this and all the much better posts out there.


Anonymous said...

Heeey, new look!

I should share the links of some of the food blogs I've come write in people's blogs, and they come visit yours (or some do anyway, and you can stop going to the ones who never do courtesy return visits). ;)

Epicure68 said...

New year, new look.

I gotta stop being on the 'puter so much for non work or homework related stuff. If I had a BB and could do all my fluff stuff on the commute to and from work, that'd be a different story.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind a BB either. and I don't mean the gun. ;D

Epicure68 said...

You could upgrade to one. I need to start with an ordinary phone first.

But there are days when I think the gun would be handier.