Tuesday, January 20, 2009

rants and raves...missed

I was rather cranky on Monday, having one of those whatever can go wrong will go wrong sort of days so it's a good thing I didn't write here, otherwise, no one would visit again. I will instead, relay a funny story that happened early this morning. This is for the benefit of anyone who is passing by.

This morning, around 3:00am, I got woken up by hubby talking in his sleep. He was facing me and I was on my back. Normally, because we have a king size bed, by morning he's on one side and I'm on the other, as far away from each other as possible, but not this morning. After he woke me up with his yelling, I closed my eyes to get back to sleep. I heard him spit and I felt moisture on my face. The guy had actually spit at me!

I asked him in the morning, after we were both more fully awake if he had been having strange dreams. He said yes, that he dreamt he was having to face a 16ft. high llama that was going to eat one of our dogs (we don't have dogs in real life, so better in his dreams) so he spat at the llama. He hadn't realized that he had actually physically spat. Luckily for him I'm not too antagonistic otherwise, he would've ended up off the bed at that point.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I hadn't replied to your email yet, but I did laugh hard when I read that (along with saying EWWWWWW). ;D

Generally, your muscles are "frozen" but there are certain stages in your sleep where you can move (people do sleep-walk, remember?).

Epicure68 said...

That's right, I forgot about sleepwalking. Duh!

West Coast Wanderer said...

OMG I just read your post and laughed so hard I had tears!

G has one question - what had R been drinking/eating that induced such an odd (and apparently realistic)dream state?? Be sure to let me know so I'd know to keep G away from whatever it is ... 8-P

Epicure68 said...

Hey, WCW, that's a new name for ya, isn't it? I don't think it has anything to do with anythign he ate or drank necessarily, he just has a strange genetic makeup. However, if you want G to save money, tell him it was the Scotch. ;)