Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Day After

Well DH really liked the beef stir fry, or so he says. I think he did, I think having Chinese cooking wine in the marinade really intensified the flavour. I splurged and had B&J's brownie magic ice cream for dessert, and DH decided to have screwdrivers. Otherwise, Valentine's day was spent like every other day, he in one room, me in another. Couldn't imagine what we'd do if we only had a one bedroom apartment, we'd probably have killed each other by now.

I'm going to try and walk off at least some of last nite's dessert at lunchtime, seeing how it's absolutely gorgeous out again, hopefully DH does likewise, he could use it.

I figured for tonite's dinner, I'd try something a little more romantic, maybe something out of "Intercourses." The pictures are great even tho they aren't of the meals, but prepping a meal while staring at a well formed male torso is always fun. I was thinking of cod stuffed with smoked salmon and zucchini ribbons with a wild rice and basmati rice mix. We'll see how adventurous I feel by the time I get home.

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