Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Most Expensive Restaurants in the US

I was reading an article about the most expensive restaurants in the US (so I can drool and no I would never be able to afford to go). One of the ones that's actually close by and not as unreasonable is The HerbFarm in Washington state. I read the review about them, how they use fresh herbs and veggies grown on site and I'm thinking to myself, hey, my BIL could open up a restaurant at his home and charge these exorbitant prices. Something to think about after the kids have moved out and he needs a new career. ;-)

The original article was in Forbes and is an interesting read.


Anonymous said...

Uh,'s more fun to cook well when not under pressure. I've talked to him before about opening a restaurant (half jokingly), and we decided that it'd be too much work and not enough fun for the money. Besides if he had a restaurant, he wouldn't have time to cook especially for you when you visit! ;)

Epicure68 said...

Well if you change your mind, you know I'll be the first customer knocking on your door. Could do a B&B, convert your fowl shed into a little cottage. ;-D