Monday, February 06, 2006


Went for my usual lunch hour walk with my friend today, and lo and behold, there was a bald eagle sitting in the middle of the field. Just sitting there, looking out, occasionally splashing in the little pool of water that accumulated there. They are such regal looking creatures, it's hard not to admire them. We also saw Canadian geese (which never go away anyway) and a heron flew by. I take this to meaning spring is on its way, which will be a nice change from the crazy weather we've had of late.

We had the biggest storm in a long time on the weekend, power outages in a lot of places, and some houses had trees fall on their roofs, flooded basements, the whole gamut. We were fortunate in that we only had a power outage for a few hours and no major damage to the house, just a lot of branches all over our yard. It was a great night to stay in at least.

Yesterday, hubby cheered on the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. To me, the Super Bowl is a much more hyped version of the kids' game, Go, Go, Stop. That seems to be the gist of the game, they start, they stop, they start they stop. Hockey, now that's a game.

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Anonymous said...

Honey, take it from a birder: it's Canada geese, not Canadian geese! But we love ya anyway. ;)

So cool about the eagle! Did we tell you an adult and an immature one flew over our out geese!!