Monday, February 27, 2006

Read twice, measure once

That's what I need to keep telling myself, course I'll forget by the next time I do any baking. I decided to make cranberry scones last nite and mis-read the 1 cup plus 2 tbsps. buttermilk, to 2 cups, plus some amt of buttermilk. And then I was trying to figure out why the mixture didnt' come together in a soft dough. I also figured out why they say to mix the dry ingredients together first before adding wet; cuz brown sugar just doesnt' break down that well. Plus, I found it never did come together as a soft dough. I remembered my sister had a recipe for scones in which you didn't knead the dough, but instead, plopped it onto the baking sheet, so that's what I did. They turned out beautifully (to look at at least), and it was so much easier and less gunky. At least my chicken fettucine with peanut sauce turned out well, even without the basil and cilantro.

I think I just wasn't meant to bake this weekend; I made a chocolate cake for a client of ours, as his birthday was coming up, but I forgot some key ingredients and it turned out flat and not tasting great. So I filled it with cherry pie filling and frosted it with chocolate frosting. DH was happy cuz there was frosting left over, even tho he never did get to try out the cake.

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Ah, so that's who D is. ;) It's good to combine e-mails with blog entries, eh?