Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pot or skunk?

It used to be that people would tell me that pot smoking smelled like skunk and that was all I had to go with. Nowadays, pot is probably the biggest income earner for people living in the Greater Vancouver area, and skunks are ruling the west side of Vancouver and therefore, being run over and permeating the vicinity with their stench. I can tell the difference between the two, which is really sad. It means that while pot smoking is still illegal here (as far as I know), people do it so openly that I know it from a single whiff. I have no problem with legalizing marijuana, heck, I think they should so they can tax the heck out of it and stop taking so much from the rest of us, but I think it should be stipulated that people can only smoke it in certain areas, such as their own home and that rule would be strictly enforced. I don't go outside to smell things that smell worse than durian, I want to enjoy the fresh air.

Okay, enough whining for the day. Here's an interesting site that has nothing to do (for the most part) with food or my complaints.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love Joey Green's stuff! I have one of his books on my wish list. ;)

Epicure68 said...

I'll keep that in mind in case I run out of things that I want to get for you.