Sunday, February 19, 2006

Winning is so much more fun

Went to see the junior hockey last nite (junior my ass, they're all towering over me. Course, so will my nephews in a few years) as they played their final game of the regular season against Seattle. They've whupped Seattle's butt all season so far, and this game was no different. Seattle's team, while not the best as far as scoring goes, does have a bunch of goons to fight, and due to the history between the two teams, plus the fact they sucker punched one of our guys in Friday's game, there were fights to be had.

DH (I"m going to start calling him DH #1 soon if he doesn't stop annoying the heck outta me, which would mean there's a DH #2 in the sidelines) was heckling the Seattle players whenever they were in the penalty box, in particular the guy who did the suckerpunching. There were hoots and hollers of laughter at DH's ribbing, and at the end of the game, a young man (early teens if that) came up to DH and said, "Man, you made this game enjoyable, I esp. liked the comment about his nose being a banana." So there ya go, DH has a fan club. Mind you, the fan club is due to crude potty humour, but people like to be appreciated any way they can.

The Giants are now number one in their division and tied for first place overall in the WHL with Calgary. As the Virigina Slims ads used to say, "You've come a long way baby."

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