Friday, February 17, 2006

How time flies

I was sitting there enjoying my peace and quiet last night when my mother calls. Not that that's a bad thing since I owed her a phone call anyway, but she called to tell me that a girl from my high school had called. We've reached another milestone in high school reunions. Where does the time go, I don't feel like I've aged that much, although I have to say, I've gotten slightly wiser and a lot mouthier since then. Part of me wants to go to the reunion, if there is one, but more out of morbid fascination than anything. I don't tend to stare at car crashes (I just look to see if there's any cute firemen on scene) so this would be my version of slowing down to check things out. Another, bigger part of me is screaming, don't do it! I haven't really kept in touch with people from high school, and since most of them are overachievers, I'm going to come home feeling worse than ever, I'm sure. Or maybe I'll come home happier knowing that the men are getting balder and the women fatter.

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Anonymous said...

I'm siding with your "don't do it!" self. :> You don't need to go to know that many of the men are balder, and some of the women are fatter. Not Sharon, of course. ;D