Thursday, February 02, 2006

People are funny

I was just reading an email from my friend. She said that her daughter had to go to the doctor, because the "poor thing" (her words) couldn't stay awake and figured it was because of her thyroid. Being the mean sort of person I am, I was tempted to respond, well if I was to not work and just laze around all the time, I'd probably be sleeping a good bunch as well.

On a lighter note, my DH, bless his heart, makes me laugh. Not always intentionally, but he does. He is not much of a cook (although he used to tell me how he worked in a restaurant in his younger days), and I enjoy cooking so I tend to do most of our meals. He is trying to help out since I usually arrive home later than he does from work, and thought he could make some of the meals. He calls me yesterday and asked if we had breadcrumbs. When I replied in the negative, he said that we should put it on our "basic necessities" list for our next shop. I for one, don't believe in buying such silly things that is easily made at home, and certainly not part of my essentials in my pantry. There's nothing quite like bashing the heck out of a loaf of stale bread to release stress. Course, that could be why I'm much more at peace with the world, I tend to take all my frustrations out on inanimate objects, like bread.

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